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Eloise is an experienced professional with a background in economics, strategy and analytics. She is passionate about using these skills to support decision making around water resources – a topic that raises some of the most pressing challenges and exciting opportunities of our generation.

As a member of Aither’s Water Markets Advisory Team, Eloise supports clients across the private and public sector by delivering sound analysis and advice that informs commercial, strategic and policy decision-making. Eloise has extensive experience in breaking down complex problems into solvable pieces and synthesising quantitative and qualitative evidence to inform solutions and deliver high-quality advice.

Prior to joining Aither, Eloise worked at the Australian Energy Market Operator, where she led data-driven research and strategic advice to help navigate the energy transition in Australia. Eloise enjoys combining her cross-sector knowledge to deliver effective outcomes for clients.

Eloise looks to build strong relationships with those she works with. She believes the best outcomes come from creating space for ideas to be heard, and developing trust so that these ideas can be tested to deliver industry-leading advice.


Bachelor of Commerce (Hons I), Economics
University of Sydney
Bachelor of Commerce, Economics extended
University of Sydney
Bachelor of Science, Geography & Environmental Studies
University of Sydney