Aither’s vision is to inspire and enable positive change in the management of water and natural resources. This vision drives the work we do, how we do it, and who we do it with. It pushes us to constantly seek new opportunities to increase our positive impact. It is why we are proud to call ourselves a certified B Corporation.

B Corporations, or B Corps, are businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability. Our B Corp certification shows that we strive to make a positive impact on the world and hold ourselves accountable for achieving this. B Corps are certified by the B Lab, a non-profit organisation that seeks to ensure the benefits of business flow on to workers, communities, and the environment.

Think of our B Corp certification like your Fair Trade certified coffee: a tick of approval that shows Aither’s commitment to balancing purpose and profit.

Certified B Corporations meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability. We are people using business as a force for good.
From the B-Corp website

Aither is committed to becoming a B Corp because we believe that this certification reflects our core vision and challenges us to further inspire and enable change through our work. We seek to empower the governments and businesses we work with to re-examine and improve the way they operate, and the B Corp standards encourage us to do the same.

We achieved certification in December 2014, becoming Australia’s 51st B Corp. Since then, the B Corp movement has informed Aither’s growth and strategic direction including the areas we work in, the partners we work with and our recruitment practices. It has driven new initiatives like the Aither Impact Index, a tool we developed to guide business decisions in line with our broader vision and values. Maintaining our B Corp status challenges us to find new ways of working towards our social and environmental goals.

Aither’s B Corp certification also connects us to a global community of like-minded businesses. We are now part of an international network of more than 2,500 B Corps across 150 industries in over 60 countries. As part of this B Corp community, Aither is helping to create a new blueprint for business as a force for the public good.