Whether you’re a water user, agribusiness, investor, or otherwise interested in the water market, Aither’s water market reports will provide the data and insights you need to stay informed on Australia’s ever-changing water markets, and to equip you to make better decisions.

Our analysis and insights are also perfect for public and private sector executives and their teams to develop knowledge and understanding of the key issues and trends influencing Australia’s water markets.

As well as our tailored strategic advice, we offer a series of standardised periodic reports produced by our award-winning independent water market specialists. Refined to meet the needs of our clients over the past decade, these reports provide the best independent view on the market, critical policy settings and the value of water.

Please see here for further information about our broader water markets advisory services.

Monthly Water Market Insights

Receive our monthly independent snapshot of the important issues affecting Australia’s water markets, including both market analysis and policy and management insights, all in one value-packed pdf report.

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Southern Murray-Darling Basin Water Asset Valuations

Our monthly or quarterly independent southern Murray-Darling Basin water valuations provide an independent and timely assessment of key water products. They will help you benchmark performance and make the right water decisions, whether you are investing or divesting in water entitlements, trading water allocations, or just need to keep track of your water asset values.

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Aither Entitlement Index

As the only index of its kind in Australia, our Aither Entitlement Index provides you with a simple, reliable and timely monthly snapshot of water entitlement performance throughout the southern Murray-Darling Basin.

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Make better decisions

We translate complex water market data and information into clear, consistent and easy-to-digest information, helping you to build your knowledge, gain an edge, and tap into new market opportunities.

Trust our independent perspective

We have no stake whatsoever in the water market, so you can be confident our data, valuations and analysis are completely independent and come from only the most reputable sources.

Access credible water market analysis & insights

We draw on our vast water market networks and the most reliable, up-to-date industry data and intelligence to bring you trustworthy water market intelligence, market analysis, insights and valuations.

Build internal knowledge

Our independent, monthly snapshot of the status of and outlook for Australia’s water markets enables you and your team to learn everything you need to know about climate and water availability, allocation and entitlement markets, and water policy and management in one streamlined report.

Get timely & consistent updates

Receive your subscription on the same day of every month or quarter direct to your inbox, making it easy for you to stay in the know and compare data and information over time.

Which products are right for me?

Monthly Water Market Insights
Aither Entitlement Indices
Water Asset Valuations
Irrigators, agribusiness and other water users
Water portfolio managers
Water investors
Private and public sector executives, and their teams
Businesses exposed to water risks

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    Our water market specialists can help you navigate Australia’s water markets with confidence through our industry-leading commercial and regulatory advisory services.
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    “Aither has developed a reputation for some of the deepest analysis and forecasting in the Australian water market. This standing alongside their independence from the market and their understanding of government policy means Aither is well placed to provide information to all users of the water market, as well as market regulators.”
    General Manager of a listed Australian agribusiness
    “Aither employs a unique combination of deep firsthand experience of the regulatory environment governing Australia's southern Murray-Darling Basin with a powerful analytical toolkit which always delivers insightful advice.”
    Water fund manager
    “Aither is Australia’s leading water market intelligence source as the team crosses over government, water authorities and regulators, industry groups and water “market participants.”
    Water fund manager