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Joe is valued for his strong knowledge of the Australian water sector, and ability to provide direct and compelling insights and advice through clear communication and writing. From detailed analysis of water markets, policy, governance, pricing and regulation, to managing major government reviews and facilitating the development of national reform priorities and actions, Joe tackles difficult projects with a steady and confident approach.

Since joining Aither, Joe has managed many of Aither’s larger projects including wide-reaching reviews on water markets, water policy and social and economic conditions across the Murray-Darling Basin. Recently, Joe has worked closely with leaders of state and territory water departments in Australia to develop a national framework for advancing the urban water sector. This has included identifying national priority outcomes and actions for the sector and has led to subsequent work on institutional models, water governance and water security in Australia.

Joe is driven by a sense of purpose in the work he does and believes a good sense of humour is necessary in tackling intractable challenges. Joe’s positive and authentic working style is reflected in the genuine relationships Joe has with staff and clients alike.

Qualifications and awards

Bachelor of Science (Resource and Environmental Management)
Australian National University
Westpac Businesses of Tomorrow: Take on Tomorrow program
Melbourne Business School, University of Melbourne
Prize for highest ranking student in graduating year 2015 (BSc. Resource and Environmental Management)
Australian Institute of Science and Technology
Environmental Policy Award, 2014
Australian National University