Aither’s priority is to help clients deliver enhanced outcomes for our water resources, environment and communities. A clear and appropriate strategy is critical for achieving success.

We work collaboratively with our clients to develop clear, practical and compelling strategies that set out desired outcomes and the processes and actions required to achieve success.

We draw on multiple perspectives and analytical approaches to thoroughly explore the issue or opportunity and ensure your strategy is appropriate and supported by executive leadership, delivery staff and stakeholders.


  • Strategy development We work closely with our clients to help them define and clearly articulate what they want to achieve and priorities for ensuring success. We combine our in-depth knowledge of the sector, including its players and complexities, with our range of proven tools and frameworks that can be adapted to your needs, so that we can focus our time on your specific and unique challenges.
  • Program implementation design Successful implementation of policy and programs relies on identifying how to overcome the inherent complexity and challenges of delivery. We work with you on identifying and establishing the pillars of success - governance, systems and processes and, culture and capability – and focussing on what matters for effective program implementation.

Selected Project Experience

A Ten-year Strategy for the Victorian Water Register (2018)

Aither worked with the Victorian Water Register Partners to develop a strategy to provide direction for the Water Register over the next ten years. The strategy sets out a vision and desired outcomes for the next evolution of the Water Register; the Water Register beneficiaries and their needs, services to meet these needs, a business model to support the Water Register and services, and broad actions to guide detailed planning and implementation.

Victorian Environment Protection Authority Reform Implementation Plan & Outcome Logic (2017)

Aither developed a Strategic Plan and Benefits Realisation Plan for a five-year “once in a generation” reform of a major state government agency. Aither worked closely with the government agency to develop a clear outcome logic, governance arrangements, an overarching implementation plan and a monitoring, evaluation and reporting plan.

Barwon Water Urban Water Strategy (2016)

Aither prepared an Urban Water Strategy for a Victoria water corporation. Aither co-ordinated inputs and engagement across the business and leading preparation of the strategy document. The Urban Water Strategy established a plan for balancing water demand and supply in the long term and under extreme climate conditions.