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With a foundation in engineering, hydrology, policy, and economics, Andrea is a holistic thinker passionate about uniting all disciplines to help organisations and governments make better decisions around managing water resources.

Andrea’s multidisciplinary background allows her to act as a liaison between clients, stakeholders, and scientists and to consider challenging questions from a variety of different lenses. She is driven to work with clients to clearly identify their challenges and provide advice that takes into account the broader context. Andrea excels at both envisioning high-level policy and planning and translating it into actionable targets.

Growing up on the shores of the Great Lakes and traveling extensively throughout the western United States raised Andrea’s awareness of the significant water disparities that can occur, even within states and countries. Andrea worked as an environmental engineer and hydrologist in the Great Lakes region for six years before expanding her focus to include the policy aspects of water management. A Master of Science in Integrated Water Management brought her to Australia, after which she provided water planning expertise to bulk water utilities in Queensland before joining Aither. Additional experience providing support to a water supply NGO in Honduras provided insights into policy and engineering in environments completely different from those of the US and Australia. These global experiences make Andrea passionate about developing contextually relevant solutions.

Andrea values the insights gained through clear and open communication and actively seeks to build long-term relationships with clients and stakeholders. Outside the office, you can find Andrea teaching yoga, climbing rocks, exploring trails, and photographing her adventures.

Masters of Integrated Water Management
Griffith University and University of Queensland
Bachelor of Science: Environmental Engineering and Earth Science
Northwestern University, IL, United States