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Courtney is an Associate Director based in Brisbane. She forms part of our leadership team, responsible for developing strong client relationships, thriving teams and innovative, value for money service offerings for the Australian water industry.

With vast experience in economic regulation Courtney and her team assist governments, regulators and industry with innovative solutions to complex and multifaceted market problems. She’s known for her expertise and professionalism coupled with a warmth, friendliness and authenticity that comes from a business partner who genuinely has your best interests at heart and will work tirelessly to help you achieve your outcomes.

Courtney’s background is law and commerce, extending those skills to the world of economic regulation and pricing over the last 14 years. As a result, her approach is pragmatic, she has an ability to see the bigger picture and is a strategic thinker. This has seen her develop and implement regulatory frameworks, develop monitoring, performance and compliance frameworks that assist utilities to meet legal, regulatory and customer expectations in the most efficient and effective ways, integrate regulatory and business processes for optimal outcomes, prepare successful, robust, evidence-based price submissions, review price submissions on behalf of regulators with forensic precision and provide strategic advice to governments and water businesses Australia-wide.

Courtney worked for a water utility for almost 10 years, seeing them through the inception of regulation to three price review processes before consulting on behalf of utilities, economic regulators and government. Having experienced economic regulation from all angles Courtney brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her engagements that allows her to develop innovative solutions and assist her clients to implement them in efficient, effective and lasting ways.

Courtney is passionate about developing regulatory professionals and passing on her skills and expertise, as well as creating positive, thriving work cultures both within Aither and on projects her team is engaged on.

Courtney will often leave behind lasting legacy processes that benefit her clients for years to come and prides herself on the “value-add”.

She’s enjoyable to work with and will develop open, honest and transparent working relationships built on trust and expertise, that last for years to come. She prides herself on exceeding your expectations and on a personal and professional level, values your friendship, camaraderie and trust – she’s a strong believer that people and relationships matter most in this world which is evident in the way she works with and empowers the people around her, and the joy she gains from her work.


Bachelor of Law
University of Adelaide