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Ellen applies economics and natural resource management to identify ways to build a more sustainable future. She has a keen interest in navigating complex water management and policy problems, and their effect on communities and the environment.

Her multi-disciplinary experience provides her with a broad foundation to understand complex issues and identify practical solutions for clients. These include determining adaptation pathways ways that allow industries to better prepare for and manage climate change.

Ellen is a skilled researcher who has experience analysing quantitative and qualitative data to understand water trading and its impact on water users. Her thesis examined environmental and socio-economic thresholds in the Goulburn-Broken catchment. Thresholds relate to assessing the future viability of important environmental assets and socio-economic values. For this project, Ellen conducted semi-structured interviews and applied systems thinking to identify the characteristics of thresholds within social-ecological systems. Through her experience examining the Goulburn Constraints Measure Business Case and the water sharing context between industries in Victoria, Ellen has gained valuable knowledge in assisting industries to become more adaptable and resilient.

Ellen is committed and diligent in the workplace. She strives to deliver the best outcomes for her clients by being personable and collaborating with both clients and her colleagues. As an Analyst at Aither, Ellen will provide strong analytical skills and support across a range of enjoyable projects, enabling her to pursue her passion for sustainability.


Bachelor of Environment and Sustainability (Honours)
Australian National University
Bachelor of Commerce
Australian National University