No more water licences: Almond Board calls for moratorium

Prices have surged. Victorian Murray High Reliability Water Shares in Zone 7 – where much of the development has occurred – are now trading at $5250 per megalitre, nearly double the $2650 of two years ago, figures from agricultural consultancy Aither show.
Michael Bleby, Senior reporter at the Financial Review

Aither Director Chris Olszak features in AFR article about the Australian Almond Board’s call for a moratorium on new water use licences in the lower Murray region. A severe drought along with surging water prices prompted a call for a halt on new entitlements until natural resources managers in NSW, Victoria and SA could reconcile the demands and ability of the system to provide the water that was actually needed.

Aither provides insight into water market drivers and price trends associated with this new development. Click through to read the article on the AFR website.

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