“There’s a big debate over how that should be implemented, and even whether it should be implemented at all. There are a whole range of pros and cons to this – and the other proposals – that need to be thoroughly investigated.”
Chris Olszak

Aither is in the news again this month: Director Chris Olszak is quoted in Global Water Intelligence (GWI) magazine about the Australian Federal Government’s budget regarding the Murray-Darling Basin.

A$32.7 million has been allocated to the Bureau of Meteorology to create a water data hub to restore transparency, integrity, and confidence to the market. The market is still on tenterhooks for an announcement regarding funding to complete the Murray-Darling Basin Plan including the 450 million m3 of water recovery required under the initiative.

Read more: https://www.globalwaterintel.com/global-water-intelligence-magazine/24/5/general/australia-to-back-new-water-rights-data-hub