Transforming our approach to climate mitigation and adaptation

There is a sense of urgency to review and reform our response to climate change across our landscape and communities. Australia is fortunate to have existing policy, plans, systems and tools to draw on, but the scale and speed of change highlights the need to improve our response.

In this quarterly edition, Associate Director Martijn Gough discusses the challenge and opportunities in adaptation planning. Australia is subject to significant natural hazards, from floods to bushfire. Climate change is exacerbating the frequency and severity of these events. The need for a coordinated and strategic approach to adaptation is evident. This presents a substantive and urgent challenge for all layers of government. Martijn outlines a response to this challenge. Senior Economist Sarah Leck also discusses related insights from Aither’s work supporting coastal adaptation planning in Queensland.

Principal Consultant Justin Story also reflects on the use and evolution of environmental markets to support investment in solving some of our most substantive environmental challenges. Rapid growth in the interest and use of voluntary environmental markets, particularly Australia’s voluntary carbon market, highlights both their promise but also the areas of focus they need to continue to evolve.

Senior Consultant Emma Dovers and Associate Director Martijn Gough will also be holding an upcoming webinar where they will demonstrate the benefits of monitoring, evaluation and reporting fundamentals to drive program performance and continuous improvement, critical in developing our response to climate change.

We encourage you to read on and welcome the opportunity to share more insights, approaches, and tools that can support better decisions.

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Will Fargher and Chris Olszak
Co-Founders and Directors, Aither