Monitoring and evaluation is essential for the effective and efficient delivery of strategies and programs. Monitoring enables agencies to track progress and performance over time and identify areas for attention. Combined with evaluation, it allows managers to make adjustments so that the program stays on track and to communicate program outcomes and success.


Aither recently worked with the Marine Estate Management Authority (MEMA) agencies and Marine Estate Knowledge Panel (MEEKP) to facilitate the development of a framework for integrated monitoring and evaluation in New South Wales’ coastal and marine areas. The framework forms part of the marine integrated monitoring program for the Marine Estate Management Strategy, which was released in late 2018. The Strategy has a ten-year outlook and provides the overarching framework for coordinated management of the marine estate. It outlines nine management initiatives designed to address priority threats to the marine estate and its values.


The monitoring and evaluation framework was developed collaboratively with input from more than 70 individual contributors from seven organisations. It is based on program logics and indicators developed for the overarching strategy and each management initiative, and provides guidance for undertaking regular monitoring and periodic evaluation. The marine estate is a complex system, with many diverse landscapes, ecological communities, community and economic values and engaged stakeholders, as well as being subject to a range of processes beyond marine estate managers’ control. Together, the Strategy and the monitoring program support coordinated, efficient and effective adaptive management of the marine estate so that it may provide ‘for the greatest wellbeing of the community, now and into the future.


Further information about monitoring and evaluation for the marine estate is available through the marine integrated management program, including the technical monitoring and evaluation framework and a short summary document.