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Ankit is passionate about leveraging his expertise and academic background to support the advancement of sustainable and fair water management practices, fostering well-informed decision-making in water markets, utilities, and infrastructure development. Ankit is well-versed in economic research and data analysis and is eager to apply it in the fields of utilities, infrastructure, and water markets.

Ankit brings a multidisciplinary background to the table, adept at tackling a diverse array of challenges and complex inquiries. As an adaptive thinker, Ankit thrives on delving into a wide spectrum of issues, employing his natural problem-solving acumen to seek optimal solutions for clients. Ankit is committed to furnishing well-researched and succinct insights, aimed at fostering environmentally and socially sustainable outcomes.

After graduating from the Australian National University with a Master’s degree in Applied Economics, Ankit developed a rigorous understanding of the pivotal role of economic theories and data analysis in solving real-world problems and assisting organizations in making informed decisions. Prior to Aither, his work as an academic tutor has equipped him with the ability to effectively communicate complex economic concepts and tailor his teaching methods to accommodate students with diverse educational backgrounds.

Ankit’s amiable and collaborative demeanour facilitates seamless teamwork. Motivated by a thirst for knowledge and growth, he actively seeks and incorporates feedback from colleagues and clients. In his spare time, you can find him reading a book, watching a movie, cycling, and video gaming.


Master of Applied Economics
The Australian National University