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Enua is an Analyst who is passionate about sustainable water resource management. He assists with the management and maintenance of Aither’s Water Market Trade Database, which forms a key part of insights generated by Aither’s water markets team.

As an Analyst, Enua is passionate about providing concise and accurate insights to clients, supported by qualitative and quantitative analysis. He helps a range of private and public sector interested in Australian water markets and water policy by assisting in delivering market research, valuations reports and investment due diligence.

Enua has a strong understanding of complex systems modelling and water management, having studied a Bachelor of Science from the University of Melbourne in 2023. A core part of Enua’s skills is using data analysis to draw valuable insights to clients as part of Aither’s Water Markets team. Prior to joining Aither, Enua worked as a market research assistant for a small business which serviced a range of private and public sector clients.

Enua is a strong communicator who works well in teams and can generate thoughtful and timely insights on projects supported by data. Enua is passionate about water sustainability and designing strategies and policies that achieve positive and sustainable outcomes for clients.


Bachelor of Science (Environmental Engineering Systems)
University of Melbourne